Projects Angelique Crawley

Tipster Tip Calculator

Customizable iOS calculator application that displays tip amount and total value dynamically.

I applied as a teacher's assistant for a CodePath hybrid course that was going to be offered at my school and created this app to get a feel for mobile development before committing to it. It was a great opportunity that allowed me to have a hands-on introduction to Xcode.


Food For Thought Recipe Generator

Web-based application that returns recipes based on user's list of available ingredients.

During my first foray into web development, I created this app as part of a team that wanted to make something fun but useful. I was responsible for some of the styling, as well as the API and database setup, and ended up taking on more of a product manager role throughout this project by leading the product planning and execution, defining customer requirements, guiding the development timeline, and testing use cases.

Javascript, Node, APIs, Firebase, HTML, CSS

Find My Library Proximal Library Locator

Web-based search application showing results based on proximity and current availability.

Summer semester hours varied greatly within my university’s library network. Without a centralized site to reference, I became frustrated with manually checking the availability of my favorite locations and decided to create this app. I initially planned to parse each site’s data directly and populate it into a user-friendly interface, but due to the inconsistencies of each library’s site map and HTML tagging system I decided to switch to the uniformity of API’s.

Javascript, Google API, Python-based Web Scraping